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Asphalt Paving-KC General Contracting

Paving the entrance of your properties is an excellent way to increase the curb appeal of your estates. Is there anything better than welcoming people with a space especially designed for their approach? While usually neglected, a well-designed driveway is way better than making people walk on the dirt or a dull sidewalk.

For this reason, at KC General Contracting, we offer complete, strong, and lasting asphalt paving services. There are many advantages of using asphalt for your pavers. First of all, asphalt is not only a low-cost material in itself, but also makes you save time and money in labor costs.

Moreover, when well-installed, asphalt can withstand both weather conditions and high traffic, making it a durable option for residential and commercial applications. Also, asphalt paving is as safe as it is durable; its smooth finish prevents your guests from slipping off. KC General Contracting offers different asphalt services, including:

  • Paving
  • Driveway Extensions
  • Sub-base Excavation
  • Grading Work and Compacting
  • Interlocking Work
  • Concrete Floors and Pads
  • Walkway Reconstruction

Asphalt’s advantages don’t end there! Since it’s a recyclable material, it can be used over and over, reducing waste and making it environmentally friendly. No matter what you need, our team at KC General Contracting uses quality asphalt to ensure great finishes with flawless results – all at excellent prices. Call us today and ask more about these services.

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